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You need a product, you need to create awareness of the product then you need to convert some of these people into customers.
You need a simple but powerful business plan that can be used to start and grow a business in a practical way.

Step 1 PAC Strategy 

What is a PAC strategy? It’s a simple business planning concept that I invented that allowed me to see the most important parts of my business on one screen so that I could make better decisions and allow it to be organically updated daily.

So, the most important things I just said are: most important parts of the business, all on one screen, make better decisions, organically updated daily. Now, let’s get into the specifics. 


PAC stands for product, awareness, and conversion. 


Most business models look something like this. The only exception to this a business model that is based on ad revenue.

You need to have a product to sell, you need to generate awareness of the product then you need to convert some of those people to customers.

Now, you can replace the word product with services and you can replace the word awareness with traffic. It’s all the same thing.

It’s critical for you to understand that you need to optimize all three of these. I’m sure you can see that the best product on the world will not sell if your site doesn’t receive any traffic and all the traffic in the world won’t generate sales if your conversion strategy doesn’t work. If you do happen to get a lot of traffic and you do a good job of converting them to sales but you’re selling a crappy product, you will make some sales in the short term but you will get bad reviews, you’ll have a lot of refunds, your payment processor will shut you down, you’ll get blacklisted in multiple places and people will sue you. So you need to optimize all 3 of these.

One of the most common reasons that businesses fail is that they only do a good job with one or two of these. Your success will always be limited by your weakest link in this sequence. I repeat, Your success will always be limited by your weakest link in this sequence. You have to optimize all of them.


Step 2 Example

As always, the best way to demonstrate a concept like this is with a simple example.  

[NOTE: Warch the video above to the example]

PAC strategy is like a practical business plan that you will use every day. It can be adjusted daily. It will show you the big picture and also the tasks for today all on one screen.  


Step 3 How To Maximize Your Impact

How do you use your PAC strategy in a way that will have the maximum positive positive impact on your customers?

The answer is pretty simple. When you ask yourself what products I should offer or what features I should offer they should be the products and features that will have the Maximum positive impact on your customer.

When you ask yourself, how do convert the prospects into customers, you shouldn’t just be thinking about some digital marketing conversion tactic like the color of a buy button, you should also be thinking about the best way to communicate why your products or features will have a more positive impact on them than your competitors.

This is how you make the most money while being able to sleep well at night knowing that you actually helped to make your customers’ lives better.